Cricket Coaching Fast Bowling Tips/ How To Bowl The Yorker Like Waqar Younis

A fast bowler should involve his whole body to generate high speed in his bowling. In a game, a fast bowler loses more stamina than other players. Again, the arm must be straight. Learn How to Bowl Yorker with Perfection

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Aug 01,  · How to Be a Good Fast Bowler. Fast bowling is one of the two major delivery styles in the sport of cricket, the other being spin bowling. A competent fast bowler can be a major asset to their team, but acquiring the skills necessary to get 79%(24). A yorker is a difficult delivery to bowl as a mistimed delivery can either result in a full toss or half-volley which can easily be played by the batsman. Bowling yorkers is a tactic used most often by fast bowlers.A fast yorker is one of the most difficult types of delivery in cricket to play successfully, as the bat must be swung down right to the pitch to . - An interactive platform for the cricket community. Watch Live Local Matches, Ball to ball video and Match Highlights. Learn Tips and techniques from articles & .