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Reputation and History A good track record says alot about the quality of a site. However, you also can bet on who will win the bout and how they will win with this type of bet. The knockouts are intense. Best UFC Betting Sites

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This image will help to give you a good high-level understanding of everything that we research on a sports betting site. If you'd like to view more about what's important to us for one of these criteria, click on it in the image, and you'll jump to a section with more detail. What's the point of recommending a site as one of the best websites for betting on MMA action if they have poor coverage of MMA bets? Luckily, we've scrubbed online sportsbooks with the goal of only bringing you ones that have a solid lineup of MMA wagers.

At our top picks, you'll find a massive selection of available bets from all kinds of MMA events. By using one of these websites, you'll be able to place all of your MMA bets in one spot. Another critical thing to us in our search for the best MMA betting sites out there is that we want to locate sites that offer competitive betting lines.

Whenever you're placing your wagers, it's essential that you're betting on a site with lines that are competitive so that you're getting a good bang for your betting buck. The good news is that all of the websites in our list above have some of the best lines in the industry. That means you'll make more money over the long haul by betting on these sites as opposed to on sites with less competitive lines.

Another critical component for us is the safety and security of an online sportsbook. When you're doing your sports betting online, both your hard-earned cash and your secure personal information could be at risk if you end up on a site that's not properly secured. To help protect your funds and your personal data, we've made sure that all of the websites recommended above have some of the best security measures in the industry.

If you choose to wager on any of those sites, your data and your cash will be safe and secure. Unfortunately, not every sports betting site out there has the best track record or reputation.

Sometimes, it's tough to know that unless you spend hours digging into any website that you're considering for your online betting home. Luckily, we've scoured the internet to make sure that all of the sites we've suggested above have current stellar reputations. We've also made sure that any past hiccups they may have had were adequately addressed and fixed. In short, you can wager on these sites without worrying if you're on a reputable site.

We also check out banking options on all of the sites that we're considering for a recommendation. It's important to us that clients can quickly move their money on and off of a sports betting site. To facilitate this, we look for websites that have a broad selection of payment options for deposits and withdrawals. If we came across a site with too few banking methods, they didn't make the cut for our final list.

At each of our suggested sites, you'll find a vast assortment of popular payment options. Another aspect that we investigate is the ease of use of sports betting sites.

We absolutely hate it when we get hung up trying to place a bet because the site we're on is hard to use and confusing. We've removed those sites from our list so that you're left with only sites that are simple to use. Thanks to this, you'll be able to search for and place your MMA wagers in a timely fashion and without any headaches.

If you love free money as much as we do, then you'll love betting online. It's common in the online sportsbook community to see lots of bonus promotions geared at new and existing players. However, we've cherry-picked the sites that have some of the best bonuses in the industry. If you decide to bet on one of our suggested websites, you'll have the chance to score thousands of dollars in bonus cash over your time betting there.

What's great about this bonus cash is that you're getting free money for doing the sports betting that you were already planning to do.

Unfortunately, some of the sites in the industry are painfully slow when it comes to withdrawal speeds. If you've requested some of your funds from a website, you should be able to receive them in a timely fashion. Here, we've made sure that all of the sites in our top picks have some of the fastest withdrawal times available.

Often overlooked by many, we never neglect checking out the customer service provided by an online sportsbook. If you ever have a question or get into a bind, it's critical that you can reach someone that will be willing and able to assist you.

All too often, we hear horror stories of folks that have a problem and can't get in touch with someone from the site they are betting on.

Luckily, this isn't a problem that you'll have if you choose to bet on one of our recommended websites. We've personally tested out their customer service on many different occasions to make sure that their service is top-notch. Finally, the last major critical thing for us is a site's mobile compatibility. Every day, more and more folks are doing their sports betting from their mobile phones. Therefore, it's essential to us that all of the websites on our suggested list have mobile-friendly websites that make it a breeze for clients to bet on their phones or tablets.

With this functionality, you'll be able to search for and make your bets in a matter of moments. For this section, we've gathered up some high-level information about some of the most popular MMA wagers. For those of you that are new to betting on MMA, this will give you an idea of some of the options that you'll have available to you. If you're a more experienced sports bettor, the list below might give you some ideas of different types of wagers to try out that you have not before.

The easiest and most popular of all MMA wagers is the moneyline bet. With this bet, you pick the competitor that you think will win the fight. Here, you only have two options to select from since there are only two fighters per match. If you choose the right competitor, then you'll win your wager. If you're new to betting on MMA action, this is a great bet type to utilize at first.

Then, it's up to you to decide if you think that it will go more or less than that. If you think that the bout will go for three rounds or more, then you'd bet the over.

In contrast, if you believe that the match will finish in 2 or less, then you'd select the under. If you're able to pick correctly, then you'll win your bet!

Along with many other sports, sportsbooks allow you the ability to bet on MMA bouts as they happen. Instead of just being stuck with wagers before the match begins, you're instead able to bet while the fight occurs. Below, we'll talk about two of the most common live bets in MMA fighting: One of the most popular types of MMA live bets is the method of finish wager.

Here, you'll make a pick on how you think that the match will finish. What's nice about this bet is that this is one of the easiest wagers to make, as you only have three variables to select from. What's fantastic with this wager is that you don't have to pick which fighter will win. You merely need to select how they will win.

If you've never placed a method of finish wager on MMA before, consider trying it out on the next fight that you're betting on. With round betting, the basic premise is that you're selecting the round that you think the match will end.

However, you also can bet on who will win the bout and how they will win with this type of bet. These bets are riskier due to all of the potential factors that can come into play. Because of this, we do not suggest beginners getting into this type of bet until they have a good understanding of the basics. If you're a sports betting regular, then you're probably already familiar with the concept of parlay betting.

For those of you that are new, a parlay wager is essentially a string of bets all placed at the same time. However, for you to win the wager, you'll have to make sure that all of your picks in the string of bets are correct.

Otherwise, you'll lose your bet. With MMA parlay betting, you'll be selecting the winners of multiple fights. The more picks that you make, the higher your potential earnings will be. However, keep in mind that the more picks you make, the less likely it is that you'll win the wager.

As a whole, parlay wagers are a risky type of bet that should only be utilized by more advanced sports bettors. For those of you looking to go deeper in your knowledge of betting on MMA or sports betting in general, we didn't want to leave you hanging. To help, we've established this section that is filled to the brim with additional guides and resources to help you expand your knowledge base as you'd like.

To learn more about any of the topics below, click on the link, and you'll be on your way. Up first, make sure that you don't miss our dedicated MMA betting guide.

In this guide, we'll give you loads of information on how to bet on MMA. No matter if you're brand new to this or a regular, this guide has something to help you elevate your MMA betting game. Click the link below to view this helpful page and all of its contents. If you're new to the world of sports betting, then you'll want to check out the two links below.

Here, you'll be able to view our guide to sports betting that's just for beginners. This guide will help you learn from the ground up about all of the crucial terms and concepts that you need to grasp. After you review that page, be sure to visit our getting started with sports betting page. On this page, you'll be able to learn additional information that will benefit you as you begin your sports betting career.

After you gain a firm understanding of the basics from the above two links, then you'll want to view our page on sports betting essentials. Here, we'll build upon the basics that you've learned and help you establish more advanced methods and strategies for betting on sports. Sine the term mixed martial arts was coined for the competition in , the sport has rapidly increased in popularity on pay per view — exceeding that of both boxing and professional wrestling.

MMA betting has increased in popularity along with the increased interest in the sport. The best MMA betting sites offer statistics and picks to help you research fighters and choose money lines that make the most sense to you. They also provide large wagering limits for high roller MMA bettors. Also, check out our ratings of UFC betting sites.

We plan to add other leagues soon. There are a variety of reasons that people choose to bet on MMA fighters. First of all, betting on mixed martial arts is considered to be relatively easy when compared to other sports. With only one competitor, your research is limited to only a single fighter — making it a very lucrative betting option. Many online bettors choose MMA because they are enthusiastic about the sport and want to know more while making money.

Finally, many players choose the best MMA betting sites to wager on events so that they can more thoroughly enjoy the sport. For the most part, the best MMA betting sites mainly offer money lines on each mixed martial art event. This means that you are simply wagering on which fighter will win the event. Fighter B is the favorite to win the event will fighter A is the underdog. By doing research on Fighter B, you might find that, in 10 fights, he would likely win 8.

This would make placing a large wager on fighter B a wise bet. Along with attributes such as allowing large deposits and wagers, the best MMA betting sites will feature good functionality in bankroll management and record keeping. With good record keeping capabilities, making a profit on MMA betting can be made much easier.

The best MMA betting sites will also offer the maximum amount of money line wagers on both male and female fights throughout the year. They may also provide multiple money line options based on he specific fighting styles of each fighter. However, online betting on MMA events was not popularized until it appeared in America and was televised beginning in Many bettors choose the best MMA betting sites in order to get the most out of the sport in which they are interested and learn more about each fighter.

The best MMA betting sites offer money lines of every event during the year and allow large wagers on each of these events to accommodate high roller players.

The mechanics of betting on MMA online are the same as for any other sport. If you already know how to bet on football or any other sport, you already have everything you need to jump right in.

If not, just read on to learn everything you need to know about the most common types of MMA wagers. Your bookmaker presents you with Fighter A, Fighter B and the payout odds for both.

Your only job is to predict the winner. You get paid if your prediction ends up being correct. The odds are adjusted for each fighter to account for perceived differences in skill.

For example, betting on the current champion will usually result in less winnings while backing on the yet-to-be-proven challenger results in bigger winnings. The bookmakers adjust the odds in this manner to make both fighters equally worth betting on. Hendricks was the fan pick thanks to his strong record while Thompson was still relatively unknown. MMA matches are typically scheduled for three 5-minute rounds in non-title fights and five 5-minute rounds in title fights and main event matches.

A bet on the total rounds essentially lets you pick whether you think the fight is likely to end early or if it is more likely to go the distance. The bookmakers pick a total and your goal is to predict whether the fight will end in fewer rounds than the total or if the match will end at some time beyond the total.

For example, the bookmakers set the total at 2. If you thought the fight would be over in 2. Round betting is where you pick the winner and the exact round the fight ends. For example, you might decide to pick Conor McGregor to win in the first round.

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The Best MMA and UFC Betting Sites. Are you searching for an online sportsbook to do all of your MMA betting? If so, then you've come to the right place. Best UFC Betting Sites for Unless your house is located directly under a rock, you’re well aware that mixed martial arts (MMA) is exploding on all corners of the globe. Though there are hundreds of different MMA organizations, it’s easy to see that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the biggest and the baddest of them all. Our best MMA betting site recommendations also offer fantastic customer service and easy cash-out options. How To Bet ON UFC Knowing the fighters is an important first step, as the UFC has 12 different weight divisions and hundreds of fighters.