Bovada Sportsbook Review – Bovada Is Legal For US Players

Bovada is one of very few sportsbooks who routinely give away free money in its prop and entertainment betting markets. Check out the Bonus and Promotions section below for more details. Thank me in advance because you heard it here from me first. This is because they voluntarily gave up the license, rather than it being taken away. Bovada is known for their best in class user experience and leading software. About Bovada

Is Bovada Sportsbook Legal In The USA?


As with many online poker bonuses, this one is released in stages as you accumulate points. There are no rollover requirements on poker bonus cash. This casino gives you one free deposit via credit or debit card but then charges 5. Avoid these unnecessary fees and try using Bitcoin! Bovada has even created a detailed Bitcoin guide explaining what it is, how to get it, and how to use it. Ideally, I would like to see a few more altcoins accepted, although Bovada does allow you to withdraw by Bitcoin Cash.

If you choose to withdraw by check, expect your check within 10 days. Note that you will not be able to withdraw by Bitcoin unless you have made at least one deposit via Bitcoin before. Check out the screenshot below for a full overview. So, this is a simple and to-the-point rewards program. It makes it easy to understand and to know where you stand. Email — You can use the contact form on the Bovada. Replies are quick, professional, and to the point.

This is how it should be. However, Bovada has gone to a lot of effort to put together an extensive FAQ section. There are sections for casino games, sports, horses, financials, bonuses, Bitcoin, poker, and general questions. Bovada customer support is great. However, one is better than none. In general, the customer support here is as it should be. I like that Bovada offers casino games, sports betting, and poker, and I like that it accepts both US players and Bitcoin.

I advise you to check it out for yourself. This review was made by: Your email is never published nor shared. Deposit and Withdrawal Fees. My Favorite Find at Bovada. Would I Play at Bovada Casino?

Click to view list. You will lose no matter how good you think you are. I had ace queen up against pocket aces. Only one card that can beat my hand. An ace and guess what comes on river? Yea it does but not at an 80 percent rate. I been heavy favorite like 90 percent to win the hand basically only a 1 outer can beat me and it comes damn near every time. You will not consistently win. Put it to you this way, the last 3 times I had pocket aces I lost to a set of kings.

And oh yea majority of the time if you have pocket kings, someone at the table has them aces. I lost on so so many bad beats. They will screw you to the max. Payout on slots less than 40 percent. If your going to play at bovada, they will play you.

Flush your money down the toilet. By far the most horrible untrustworthy people in the business. After losing seven grand I was told I did not qualify for cash back. Bitcoin is the only way you should cash out imo. Takes less than 48 hours usually. Like the new live dealers for some games. Advice start slow small bets and deposit a large enough amount to cover losses then use bigger bets later when it seems like the tide of losses changes.

I made 2 deposits one day , checked my bank account the next day, they charged me an extra deposit, an trying to get refund of overcharge now, they say it is a pre hold, when I sent them copy of my bank statement showing it is not pending, it has cleared, they still told me to wait 10 days and see if it goes back in my account. You never take insurance on 21, and yet, When I first started to use this site, it seemed about as balanced as casinos.

House has an advantage. Play long enough, and you will always lose. That's how gambling works. It's not meant to be a stable income. But Craps, for instance, 3 loss , 8 , 7 loss , 12 loss , 9, 7 loss , 12 loss. I would be willing to bet that a very small percentage of people actually win any substantial money from playing here. This site chooses who is going to win even before the first card is dealt.

As I said, this type of action happens more times than it ever could during live play. Again, I get it, bad beat right, but the frequency in which this type of play happens is ridiculous. Almost every hand on the river winds up with straight, flush, and full house possibilities. If you chase your bets, the higher the bet the lower the win percentage. I Cannot not even begin to say how many times I pushed tied with Tried to play another game, an my funds were 0. Called customer service told me I was shit out of luck.

Should of known better. Hopefully nobody else falls for puttin money on it. Don't waste your money here. Do not put money on it. I placed three bets and lost 2 and won the big one of the 3 bets and then they tell me no action, can t grade, the line was off and tell me thisafter the fact the event happens Craziest part they took the money from the 2 other loses real quick though!

Site and place straight scam. Take heed and stay away Luckily my bank looked into it and I will never go back to this site. It is not legit. After we gave them all the proof that it was our credit card they closed our account for having another account we lost access to a couple of years ago. Stay off this site they are scammers!

Me and my best friend made bets on the same rounds etc and I bet compared to his They gave me so many BS reason on why he won and why I did and told me intially that I used bonus money to win the bet as opposed to my deposited money. After agreeing that there is nothing on there site in their "terms and conditions" to support any reason why I could receive my money, I was then told that I needed to submit a document to verify my identity and submit a copy of my bank card and photo ID and within 48 hours I would be contacted and allowed to start the withdrawal process.

These people are so unprofessional and really don't give a damn about customers once you deposit money. When I first setup my account, I didn't deposit any money Now I can't get any answer out of them.

Just keep getting, it takes 48 hours when that has been passed for several days at this point. I would avoid this site if not for any other reason, their customer service sucks.

I just Signed up for this site but I'm able to disable from these comments. It's only 1 positive comment all the other 20 comments said it was a scam so it must be a scam..

Told them it was great and they should get on it. Well, they deposited a couple thousand each and most made money. One of them made a bet on a sports game I don't know a lot about gambling well he won 11k! Next minute, my partner and all of his friends' accounts have been frozen. So not only can they not withdraw their winnings, but their hard earned cash has been frozen pending some bullshit investigation. My poor guy is in such a bad way over it as he's gone through some tough luck over the last year losing 50k his entire savings to a trusted friend then getting beaten down by several other unforseeable events.

He recommended this site to friends who trust his opinion. Now on top of being essentially robbed, he feels responsible for their losses as well as his own and was even feeling obligated to reimburse them out of his pocket. Some people don't have a huge bankroll to play with and what they are doing is seriously impacting people's lives. People who may already be in a fragile state. Experiencing that high after winning and then having that torn away in such a brutal way is plain callous and malicious considering they represent themselves as a legitimate and trustworthy site.

Who can be contact to investigate? If anyone can provide me with where to find a bunch of web forums I can blow up with this information - it would be appreciated!

Class action suit anyone? They had no problem taking money from me over and over when I lost, but when I won this time they came up with some excuse and closed my account. Do not sign up with them. They have no problem at all taking your money but as soon as you win especially off bonuses they will disable your account and forfeit the funds with no valid reason. I went back and forth with BOVADA for two weeks I sent all of my information to prove my identity and they still would not unlock my account or pay me my money.

They have poor customer service and every time I would call they would put the same guy on the phone by the name of Tony and he would never be able to give me an update. You can use a credit card, debit card, or Bitcoin to fund your online account. Visa and MasterCard also provide the accepted debit cards for Bovada.

There are fees for making deposits using these cards, 4. A cash advance fee might be assessed to your Amex. Credit Card deposits are fast and simple but might get flagged by the UIGEA, preventing you from using them to make a deposit online. If that happens, you can contact the book to find an alternative, like a prepaid card.

There are no fees associated with making deposits via Bitcoin. You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet in order to fund your account this way, but those are easy to create and fund. Once you have a wallet, use the public address to make transactions to your account with Bovada. The book will take care of the conversion, and will fund your account immediately so that you can begin playing.

Visa MasterCard American Express. Bitcoin Deposit Limits At Bovada: Bovada offers two payout methods for its customers, both guaranteed to reach you quickly. In over five years of service, Bovada has never missed a single payout, and customers have always been content with the speed at which they arrive. At Bovada, you can either request a check in the mail or withdraw via bitcoin. Withdrawals can take up to 48 hours to process, depending on when you request them.

With bitcoin, withdrawals are credited to your account 15 minutes after they finish processing. Checks will take approximately business days to reach you but usually arrive much faster than that. Bovada will provide a credit that covers one free withdrawal every calendar month.

Bitcoin Payout Limits At Bovada: Check by Courier Limits: Bitcoin is one of the best ways to bet on sports online, and using bitcoin at Bovada is very easy. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet. This is where you store your BTC, and also what enables you to conduct transactions. If you have not created a Bitcoin wallet yet, we suggest using a hardware wallet.

This is the most secure way to store and transact your currency, operating through a separate piece of machinery that is not susceptible to malware or spyware. It has a remote control that makes conducting transactions incredibly easy.

When you have that address, you can use it to make a deposit at Bovada, as well as to receive your payout from the book. This is the only banking method at this site that offers both deposit and withdrawal capabilities.

Using Bitcoin at Bovada is an extremely safe way to fund and withdraw from your account because it operates independently of any financial institution, so it will never be flagged by the UIGEA. So long as you protect your bitcoin wallet, this is perhaps the best way to fund your online sports betting account. Mobile Sports Betting at Bovada is accessible no matter what operating system your device runs on. This is because Bovada has a browser-based mobile site, rather than an app.

Mobile sports betting can be done from a smartphone or tablet, so long as you have a reliable internet connection. These limits are the same for NCAA basketball games as well. With Bitcoin, the max amount of time it will take you to receive your payout is 48 hours and 15 minutes.

This is because Bovada can take up to 48 hours to process a withdrawal. Funds are credited to your BTC wallet within 15 minutes of being processed, though, so it does not take very long. If you request a check by courier payout, you will be waiting a little longer.

This method will also take up to 48 hours to be processed, and from there, can take up to business days to reach you. This might seem like a long time, but Bovada actually has the speediest payouts of any online sportsbook. The mail depends on the courier service and processing times at those courier services. Generally, though, it does not take the max amount of time listed to reach you, for either payout method.

One of the main factors that goes into our Bovada review is customer service. And the customer service at Bovada can best be described as efficiently awesome. They handle any problems or issues that you bring to them relatively quickly and will speak with you directly rather than have you jump through a bunch of different automated response systems. Bovada covers one of the largest selections of sporting events in the entire world. Below is a list of the sports available to bet on at Bovada.

Live betting is a way of wagering on a game while it is in progress. Live betting odds are updated constantly so that you can bet on almost every play of the game. Bovada allows you to enjoy this form of wagering on both your computer and mobile device. The Racebook at Bovada is one of the best online. This racebook offers more exotic wagers than most land-based tracks, and with its wider scope of bettors, the pot is always worth it.

At Bovada, they cover a wide range of activities for you to bet on, including eSports. With the sudden spike in popularity, oddsmakers have taken notice, especially at Bovada, which is why you can now wager on your favorite team or player to win different eSports.

Bovada casino has that in spades, in addition to tons of other games. With over different slot games, and tons of dice, card, and table games to choose from, this online casino is the best place to get your gambling on.

One of the great thing about Bovada is that it has a casino, as well as a sportsbook. Bovada recently moved its poker room to Ignition casino. This site is fully equipped with all of the classic poker games you love, with tons of bonuses and tournaments just waiting for you. Ignition poker allows players choose their limit so that everyone is comfortable playing their favorite games.

They also allow you to choose between a digital dealer and a live one, who is dealing via live stream. You can bet real money at Bovada, this is why they provide a number of deposit methods. If you win your bets, you will be able to choose how you receive your payouts from the book as well. Bovada is a legitimate gambling site that allows players to play with and win real money. See a list of all real money sports betting sites here. Bovada General Information Established: Iphone, Android, Apple Deposit Methods: Bovada Ratings Bovada Reliability.

User Rating 5 1 vote. Bovada Sign Up Bonuses For Sports Betting When you sign up for Bovada, there are a couple of different bonuses available to you, depending on the deposit method you choose. Bovada Deposit Methods One of the the things that stands out about all the different reviews of Bovada deposit methods is how much variety they offer their bettors.

Bovada Payout Methods Bovada offers two payout methods for its customers, both guaranteed to reach you quickly. Using Bitcoin At Bovada Bitcoin is one of the best ways to bet on sports online, and using bitcoin at Bovada is very easy. Live Betting At Bovada Sportsbook Live betting is a way of wagering on a game while it is in progress. Global Offensive — Dota 2 — League of Legends.

Whitout a doubt they are one of the safest places to bet online. This Bovada uses the latest in SSL technology, which is an encryption software that keeps your information safe.

There has never been an issue with player information being revealed at Bovada, and there never will be. Is Bovada Sportsbook Legit? This gambling site has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business by offering its customers reliable service, great promotions, and a variety of games and events to play and wager on.

Bovada is one of if not the most legitimate gambling sites around.

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Bovada is a trusted online gambling site offering sports betting, poker, casino games and betting on horse racing. Join today to claim your welcome bonuses! Bovada is your one-stop destination for online gambling, with a sportsbook, online casino, online poker, and racebook. Join today to claim your welcome bonuses. Jan 11,  · Bovada is a top betting site with lots of perks but what is the one thing sportsbook experts don't like? Read our full Bovada review before betting.5/5.