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However, with the new game engine, set plays work well and are needed when you're playing as one of the less-dominant teams. Thanks to a new game engine coupled with improvements to atmosphere and online play, NCAA Basketball 09 is a good game. In previous years, college basketball gamers had a choice between EA and 2K's college offering. Top Wiki Contributors


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By holding the left trigger, your closest teammate will come over to provide a screen. After dribbling off the pick and releasing the left trigger, your teammate will roll toward the basket, causing the defense to either switch defenders or get caught behind the play.

This technique leads to either a great low post shot or an open jumper from the guard. It's an effective technique and one that doesn't feel cheap or unrealistic. However, not all gameplay flaws have been addressed. The most frustrating gameplay issue is the lack of control on both sides of the ball. On offense, the aforementioned quick-strike moves don't work well, and often you'll find yourself stuck in an animation that prevents passing, shooting, dribbling, or whatever you're trying to do at that moment.

In addition, passing without the use of icon passing is risky and unpredictable at best. For example, you might find yourself on a three-on-one fast break, dribbling directly at the defender to force him to commit.

Once the defense does commit to the ball handler, you could find yourself stuck in an animation where you pick up your dribble, delaying the fast break. Then, when trying to pass to your teammate breaking to the basket to the right, you see the ball go in the other direction to your teammate that stopped five feet from the basket. This forces you to use the direct-passing icons, which work well.

However, often you will find a slight delay in the ability to shoot the ball after performing a direct pass, leading to frustrating missed opportunities. Defensively, trying to play the passing lanes will make you want to pull your hair out.

Your opponent will be passing the ball around the perimeter, and even when you've timed your steal attempt perfectly, the ball will often go right over your head. Or worse, the ball might go through your hands. Then, for some reason, without hitting any buttons or even trying to play the passing lanes, you steal the ball. It's all very frustrating. Dynasty mode is largely unchanged and remains quite deep.

You can pick a school and coaching tempo, recruit players, schedule games, and allocate resources for training and game planning. However, authentic schedules from this season and the ability to play only one season are absent. New is the dynasty yearbook, which allows you to look back on previous seasons' top performers.

For true simulation gamers this might be frustrating because unless you're playing to minute halves, the stats just won't match up to those of other teams in the country, making it hard to have a player named All-American or break school records. But, because dynasty mode is solid, this won't be a major detraction for most gamers. Real coaches add authenticity to this year's game.

In particular, the online menus are much easier to navigate, and several game modes such as Game of the Week, NCAA Rivalries, and Classic Matchups enhance the experience.

In addition, the new Rival Challenge allows you to track other users online who play as rival teams, teams in your conference, or who also use your team, and challenge them to games quickly without the need to enter a lobby. The major letdown of the online mode is the noticeable omission of online team play. Just got the filter and go to the start of the roster thread.

I saw some z-files and exchange there on page 7, might be some on page 5 and 6 to. Is there anywhere where I can get the updated rosters? I downloaded these but they were only the ones from ' Originally Posted by tigersfan Is there anywhere where I can get the updated rosters?

I'm surprised that someone "expected" to have up-to-date rosters for a game that was released 5 years ago! It's a streamlined version of the original game only downloadable but has an actual NCAA 09 tournament bracket. EA actually did a decent job at updating the tournament team rosters just had to plug in names. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is NBA Live 19 Review. Page 1 of 3. Originally Posted by kejimutoh. Could you do this for the ?

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