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Betting on the UFC should be fun, exciting, and not make you feel like you just got punched in the face by Rampage Jackson. In turn, that helps us to increase our betting profits over the long term. Mixed martial arts, MMA for short, is a combat sport between two fighters that allows each fighter to use both striking and grappling to defeat their opponent. Luckily, this isn't a problem that you'll have if you choose to bet on one of our recommended websites. Remember, each of these organizations is doing mixed martial arts, not UFC. ALL CATEGORIES

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The Essentials to Know | About MMA

This is a scoring style taken from boxing that has taken wide criticism in the mixed martial arts community. The system does not have the judges grade the entire fight, but award fighters points on each round independent of the others. The winner of each round will be awarded 10 points, and the loser of the round will be awarded nine or less. The majority of mixed martial arts rounds are scored The exception to this is if one fighter completely destroys the other and the judges deem that the other fighter didn't do much of anything.

In this situation, they only award the losing fighter eight points for the round and score it The total points for all three or five rounds are added up, and the winner is the fighter with the most points.

If the fighters have the same amount of points, the contest is a draw. The argument with this scoring system is it does not give the judges much room to score varying levels of performance. For example, if Fighter A wins the first and second rounds by only a little extremely close rounds and barely inflicts any damage, but then Fighter B wins the third round much more decisively and inflicts a lot of damage, but not quite a round, Fighter A wins the fight.

People would argue that Fighter B should win this fight as they inflicted much more damage and were much more effective, but unfortunately, they don't due to the scoring system. Each round is scored independently of all the others. Fighters will use submission style techniques including chokes, joint locks, or similar moves to render their opponent unconscious or cause serious bodily harm. When an opponent realizes they are in an inescapable submission, they can "tap" verbally or by physically tapping the mat or their opponent, signaling that they admit defeat.

This is when an opponent goes unconscious from strikes. The second that a fighter is no longer conscious, the fight is over, and the conscious party is deemed the winner. The referee has the power to stop the bout at any point and deem one fighter the winner.

Reasons for referee stoppage include when a fighter stops intelligently defending themselves, when a fighter looks to be losing consciousness from a choke or strikes, or when a fighter has a significant injury such as a broken bone or cuts that need immediate doctor attention. When the referee sees the latter, they will first pause the bout and call the doctor in to evaluate the situation.

If the doctor deems it too dangerous for the fighter to continue, the fight will be over with the other fighter receiving the victory. The doctor also has the ability to stop the fight between rounds if they see something that they deem dangerous for the fighter to continue. This is fairly uncommon as most doctor stoppages come as a result of the referee requesting a review of a particular fighter.

Sometimes known as throwing in the towel, the corner and coaches of a fighter have the ability to stop a fight at any point on behalf of their fighter. This will usually occur if a fighter is taking serious damage that could be detrimental to their future and they see no chance of winning the fight.

This is much more common in lower level mixed martial arts competitions but sometimes is still seen on the big stage. There are extensive rules about what fighters can and cannot do in the cage. This is to protect the fighters as well as protect the integrity of the sport. For example, eye poking is not allowed as this is supposed to be a martial arts competition, not a street fight.

If an opponent commits an illegal offense, they will usually receive a warning, and the referee may choose to deduct a point depending on the severity. If the fighter continues to commit the offense after warnings, the referee may disqualify the fighter and award the other fighter the victory. Also, if a fighter injures the other fighter with an illegal move to where they cannot continue, the offending fighter will be disqualified from the competition.

If a fighter is injured to where they cannot continue due to an accidental illegal strike, the fight will be ruled a no contest with no winner. In some organizations, a technical decision can be rendered if the fight has gone a certain length.

This is usually two rounds in a three round fight and three rounds in a five round fight. Judges will look at who is ahead on the scorecard at that point and award that fighter the victory. Again, the handling of this is organization dependent. Mixed martial arts is the actual sport that is being done, and UFC The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one organization that fighters can fight in. Here's an analogy about football that might make this clearer.

Which of the following statements would you say if you wanted to play this sport with your friend this weekend? Clearly, unless you're an oddball, you would use phrase B.

This is because football is the actual sport and the NFL National Football League is an organization that football players can play in. If you were going to watch college football, you wouldn't tell your friends you were going to watch NFL. You would say you're going to watch football or going to watch college football.

This is the exact same for mixed martial arts. Let's say you were going to watch the Bellator fights tonight. Bellator is another organization just like the UFC that fighters can fight in. You wouldn't say you were going to watch UFC tonight because that would make no sense. You would say either you are going to watch Bellator or you are watching MMA tonight. You'd be surprised at how many people don't actually know the difference between these two and improperly use them time and time again.

Since we're on the topic of different fighting organizations, we'd like to walk you through some of the more popular fighting organizations that exist. Most of these fighting organizations you can bet on, and some of the smaller ones are actually better to bet on because you can find more value. Remember, each of these organizations is doing mixed martial arts, not UFC.

The reason that so many people accidentally call mixed martial arts UFC is that the UFC is the biggest and most prestigious fighting organization there is. It's the big leagues, and it's where any fighter that wants to be the best aspires to be. As those were the current biggest competitors, the UFC staked their claim in the industry and have not looked back since. Featuring a tournament style format, fighters must work their ways systematically through the field to reach the championship bouts.

In recent years, the company has begun acquiring a lot of disgruntled fighters from the UFC with claims they pay their fighters much better. In , a majority stake in the company was purchased by telecom giant Viacom, and the show began airing all of its events on Spike TV. Bellator seems to have the flair and entertainment factor that a lot of the older Japanese promotions used to have which makes for some added excitement leading up to the fights.

Fights take place in a decagon and follow all of the same rules as the other major promotions. This is a great breeding ground for fighters to grow out of and still boasts a lot of top talent.

Not to mention, Bas Rutten is one of the announcers which is a big plus if you like entertainment. Extremely popular in Asia, mixed martial arts promotion ONE Championship feels like a solid throwback to the old days of Pride. With a ten-year broadcast deal with Fox Sports Asia, the fight promotion is definitely here to stay for a while. While many US based fight fans might not be aware of this promotion, it is widely known as the biggest and most popular mixed martia arts promotion in all of Asia.

In the old days of mixed martial arts, everyone just fought everyone, and that was it. There were no weight classes or any separation of the fighters. This made for some great fights as well as some terribly lopsided beatings. Since the early days, the community has adopted different weight classes. Fights are also separated by gender, so the women fight the women and the men fight the men. To compete in a weight class, a fighter must weigh in at that weight the day before a fight. A lot of fighters will cut weight by dehydrating themselves to make a lower weight class and then try and bulk back up before the fight starts.

This is a fairly popular practice done by most professionals. This means that if a person is fighting in the weight class in a fight on Saturday night, they might weigh lbs to start the week and cut down so they can weigh in at pounds on Friday.

They will then reload the water and nutrients into their body and be somewhere around the mark again come fight time. Here, you'll make a pick on how you think that the match will finish. What's nice about this bet is that this is one of the easiest wagers to make, as you only have three variables to select from.

What's fantastic with this wager is that you don't have to pick which fighter will win. You merely need to select how they will win. If you've never placed a method of finish wager on MMA before, consider trying it out on the next fight that you're betting on. With round betting, the basic premise is that you're selecting the round that you think the match will end.

However, you also can bet on who will win the bout and how they will win with this type of bet. These bets are riskier due to all of the potential factors that can come into play.

Because of this, we do not suggest beginners getting into this type of bet until they have a good understanding of the basics.

If you're a sports betting regular, then you're probably already familiar with the concept of parlay betting. For those of you that are new, a parlay wager is essentially a string of bets all placed at the same time. However, for you to win the wager, you'll have to make sure that all of your picks in the string of bets are correct.

Otherwise, you'll lose your bet. With MMA parlay betting, you'll be selecting the winners of multiple fights. The more picks that you make, the higher your potential earnings will be. However, keep in mind that the more picks you make, the less likely it is that you'll win the wager.

As a whole, parlay wagers are a risky type of bet that should only be utilized by more advanced sports bettors.

For those of you looking to go deeper in your knowledge of betting on MMA or sports betting in general, we didn't want to leave you hanging. To help, we've established this section that is filled to the brim with additional guides and resources to help you expand your knowledge base as you'd like. To learn more about any of the topics below, click on the link, and you'll be on your way. Up first, make sure that you don't miss our dedicated MMA betting guide.

In this guide, we'll give you loads of information on how to bet on MMA. No matter if you're brand new to this or a regular, this guide has something to help you elevate your MMA betting game. Click the link below to view this helpful page and all of its contents. If you're new to the world of sports betting, then you'll want to check out the two links below.

Here, you'll be able to view our guide to sports betting that's just for beginners. This guide will help you learn from the ground up about all of the crucial terms and concepts that you need to grasp.

After you review that page, be sure to visit our getting started with sports betting page. On this page, you'll be able to learn additional information that will benefit you as you begin your sports betting career. After you gain a firm understanding of the basics from the above two links, then you'll want to view our page on sports betting essentials. Here, we'll build upon the basics that you've learned and help you establish more advanced methods and strategies for betting on sports.

If you're an experienced sports bettor, then this is an excellent spot for you to jump in to brush up and learn new things. We've got an excellent tool for you if you ever come across a sports betting site that doesn't offer odds in the display format that you prefer. By using the link below, you'll be able to effortlessly convert odds in any form to another format of your choice.

This is a great way to make sure that you fully understand the odds you are being offered before locking in your wager. Just click on the link below to jump to our exclusive odds converter page.

Some of you may be looking to bet on more than just MMA. If you're one of those folks, then be sure to check out the other links below. Here, we've provided links to our dedicated pages on live betting sites, mobile betting sites, and the best all-around sites for sports betting. Betting on MMA action is a great way to enjoy one of your favorite sports even more. If you've never wagered on the sport before, then hopefully our guide has equipped you with enough knowledge to allow you to get out there to get started comfortably.

For those of you that are experienced MMA bettors, we hope that you've learned something new to help you take your betting game to all new levels. Whichever you are, thanks for reading, and we wish you the best of luck in your future sports betting endeavors!

Lastly, we wanted to make sure that we left you with some of the questions that we frequently get about MMA betting sites. These are great to scan if you still have questions at this time. Hopefully, these will aid you in answering anything still unanswered up until this point.

If you want to bet on live MMA action, that's entirely possible at all of our recommended sites at the top of this page. Thanks to this, you'll be able to place a wager on MMA bouts that are underway.

For many sports bettors, in-play betting helps them enjoy the sport even more. If you've never tried it, then consider giving it a try to see how much you like it. While not all online sportsbooks offer live MMA action, we've made sure that each of our picks above does. If you're doing your own research for a site, be sure to investigate and make sure that they offer live betting action if that's important to you.

Betting on sports online has many advantages over betting in a physical brick-and-mortar sportsbook. For us, two main advantages stand out. First, we love the selection that we're able to find at online sportsbooks. In most cases, we found a much larger variety of sports that we can bet on and an overall number of bets available on those sports. These online betting sites are great for hard to find sports like esports and Gaelic games. Along with the massive selection, we also love the convenience of being able to bet online.

Now, we no longer have to drive to our local sportsbook to place our wagers. Instead, we simply bet on our phones, tablets, or computers. For those of you that have never bet online, you're missing out on some substantial advantages! MMA is exactly what the name says. In boxing, fighters are only allowed to use boxing techniques punching. In judo, practitioners are only allowed to use approved judo techniques. However, in MMA, fighters are allowed to use any and all styles they want, so long as they fit within the general rules and guidelines.

Fighters are matched up in a head-to-head or one-on-one format for a predetermined set of rounds and time limits. In the professional realm, rounds are typically five minutes in duration. Most non-title fights are scheduled for three rounds, while title fights are scheduled for five rounds. Pretty straightforward here, folks.

If one of the fighters knocks the other fighter unconscious, the fight is over. This is similar to a knockout, the difference being that, in this situation, the other fighter is still conscious, but is not intelligently defending himself or herself. A TKO comes at the judgment the referee, signaling the end of the fight. A fighter taps out in order to prevent catastrophic injuries, such as limbs or joints being broken or dislocated. A combatant who is struggling and decides not to tap out can also risk going unconscious.

A fighter can be disqualified if he or she is cited by the referee for repeated use of poor conduct. Rather than just skim through how a fight is scored, we figured a dedicated page on breaking down MMA scoring would be appropriate. Time for the good stuff. We know your priority is winning money on upcoming MMA matchups. Offers such as how long a fight will last are very popular amongst the seasoned bettors now.

Betting on how a fight will be won also garners a lot of attention. A lot goes into preparing for an MMA fight. Just like each fighter must prepare for his or her upcoming bout, bettors must also put the time and energy in if they want to achieve the best results. As rivalries are created, fights become more and more personal. Nothing else is even that close. But while the other fighting associations may be less popular in notoriety, the opportunity to make some money is equally as prevalent as it is in the UFC.

If you are going to be betting your hard-earned money on which fighters will win and how they will be effective, you might as well get to know the fighters and their tendencies. Obviously, understanding the goal of each fighter going into the fight is going to help you project how a fight will end and how long it could potentially take. It will add to your knowledge base and help you be fully prepared when the next fight card is airing. Just like in all sports, MMA is known for the best fights and matches that have taken place to date.

Chael Sonnen instant classic at UFC , we have an organized page dedicated to all of your favorite past fights. You landed on this page because you were looking for answers. If you were simply searching for a list of the top online betting sites for MMA contests, we took care of you at the top of the page.

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