You should not spend too many points on a player if you are already leading. Plan your depth chart. Is there a coach integrity rating that is affected? You will be wasting valuable points on someone who will be heading to your school as long as you offered him a scholarship. You are here

Dynasty Power Recruiting in NCAA Football 14

Tips For Recruiting in This Game.

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NCAA Football 14 Recruiting Guide Submitted on: Unlike other NCAA’s, ’14 puts an emphasis on school strengths AND coach strengths in terms of recruiting. A Sun Belt school isn’t going to land the top 15 recruits in year 1. These tips and stuff make recruiting seem to difficult but I feel like playing as Michigan it won't be as. Jul 06,  · Re: Recruiting Tips (NCAA 14) My tips -Start out small maybe focus on 5 or 10 players,I have a full list players but really focus in only a small amount until you get your coach skills up,Spreading your points seem to get you murder because some school is putting to points that player a week which bring us to the next point. other sports guides madden nfl 13 connected careers guide mlb 2k13 my player guide mlb the show - road to the show guide ncaa football 14 is full of.