Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 72 – The Sports Jacket

He's fascinated by the collision of high fashion and streetwear, but also knows his way around a soft-shouldered blazer. For winter, a seasonal coat covers the sports jacket, given that you have chosen a coat as a consequence of the cold. But why did I just tell you all that? Sports Jacket for men : A guide on how to choose a men’s sports jacket (1/2)

The men’s sports jacket: a multifunctional item of clothing

Men’s Sports Jacket guide: how to choose and wear a sport’s jacket (2/2)

This will be much more complicated to do with jackets without open buttonholes over-represented at the base of ready to wear. A subtle color boost between the pocket, the belt and the rolled-up sleeve. No need to look for the exact replica six months later however you will find excellent equivalents at the same brands. If you aim for the first day of the sales, you can find some really good steals. Although often the finish and the quality of the materials is neglected , these big chains sometimes offer excellent cuts.

This becomes relevant when retouching the jackets to adapt perfectly to your shape fit and the base of the sleeves. For svelte figures, the simplicity of Swedish fashion is always a safe bet. Much more preferable than the entry-level range, it will always be much more durable and therefore profitable in the mid-term. Finally, Suitsupply is an excellent source of inspiration for starting to compose more advanced looks. The Washington model from Suitsupply is a two and a half button blazer of which the fit is particularly pronounced.

Here, the model is dressed in linen. Pay attention to big chains that offer enticing cuts and details for extortionate prices, like The Kooples, Sandro and such. We make the same remark: Pay attention to padding, often synthetic or low quality materials, premature wear and tear, and adhesive fabric that causes blisters. A woollen Acne blazer, which merits to be rounded up on the first day of a sale, although this is discounted the least out of all brands.

Passing to the next stage, the most elaborate blazers with cuts presenting stylish twists become powerful statement items with huge amounts of character. Jackets , Style Tips. For winter, a seasonal coat covers the sports jacket, given that you have chosen a coat as a consequence of the cold.

As the beautiful days return, skirts rising at the same time as the temperature, the blazer becomes a central part of your look. A note on linen: Linen plants and a great linen blazer by Melinda Gloss. If you already have a grey jacket, blue, beige, brown and kaki green are interesting colours: Essential things to consider when choosing a blazer Shoulders: Open, the blazer must outline your hip bones with a nice and smooth curve.

This is commonly referred to as the fit. There must be as little creases as possible on the back or the collar. Standing, with relaxed arms, the blazer must stop at the middle of the hand. The sleeves must appear to stay 1cm of the shirt in a straight position, and 2 or 3 cm maximum when you bend your arms for a regular handshake, or even a rabbit handshake. You must always feel well retained, level with each side but equally you must be able to put a fist between the central part and the blazer.

In practice, this is what a well-chosen jacket looks like: Above, the back gives a cut that is close to perfection. But always think about a couple of factors as a guide:. Now that you know how to nail the sports jacket — the next step is to find the best jeans.

You can either play it safe and leave it at that — or incorporate some accessories to really stand out. Why not try to wow everyone in the room? Remember all the accessories you can use in this situation:. I love their watches. Because of their clean design and aesthetic, they work amazingly well for all kinds of settings — including those laid-back events where you wear a sports jacket and jeans.

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Also includes lookbook image inspiration, what to look for when buying a sports jacket and a selection of our favourites that are available to buy today. Men's Fashion Tips & Style Guide Men. How to wear a sports jacket? And what to wear it with? 15 Quick Fashion Tips For Men is a men’s fashion blog about how to dress well. We’re transparent, independent, passionate community and we’re crazy enough to . The sports jacket is the third kind of tailoring every man should know about. From its origins to the very best iterations on the market today, here .