How To Return a Smash - Badminton Tips

However, perhaps it is not that important, as it actually illustrates my REAL point. There is a person standing in the front waiting to intercept it. Hey Paul, nice article on speed improvement! Once you are familiar with the technique, gradually increase the power of your smash over time. Prev post Next post. How to Smash Effectively

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A badminton smash is a very powerful offensive shot. Discover the secrets to execute a smash like a pro. Free tutorial for the Badminton Jump Smash. Learn when and how to use to jump smash to your advantage. Three Simple Tips To Increase The Power Of Your Badminton Smash. I actually teach what Lee Jae Bok does regards the smash. The video and article have been misread so many times it is likely I will remove it very soon. The idea was to stop players using a cork screw action and straighten up their overhead. The teaching videos show smash.