Top 10 Tips For Beginner Badminton Players

Soon your strategy will fall into place. Instead, mix things up by hitting a drop shot followed by a shot to the baseline, or by moving your opponent from the right to the left side of the court. There are articles about trick and deceptive shots coming up and I already posted several videos on Youtube. Moreover, cross-train around your badminton. How To Play Badminton

The badminton grip


This Three-Part-Series covers most of the terms used. Part III covers Badminton strokes and shots. But once acquired the new skill has to be put in more game like situation. Especially when it comes to double defense, speed is required. VIDEO Net Shots From Different Positions This short video shows a technique refining sequence of training net shots for men singles — it should work as a reminder, that net shots are not only to be practiced from one position.

There a number of trickshots - the following video shows 3 different in realtime and in slow motion. Especially the counter defense is an important technique to learn. The following article shows how it can look like and explains key points of it. Without the right grip the whole technique could fall apart. As in Badminton there is not much time between two strokes, the change and adjustment of the grip should be as fluent and as fast as humanly possible.

It always gives you the upper edge in a match and channels yourself as a good attacker of the game. You can improve your smash with the following tips: Wanna Improve Your Badminton Smash? The serve is the most important part of the game.

It sets up the match and has the chance of winning you a lot of points. Always learn to place the serve properly and without any foul. To improve your serve: I hope to point out some aspects of badminton a beginner should focus on, as well as a few common mistakes that beginners tend to make. These small tips can prove to be a mighty weapon for not just beginners but for expert players also. As we all know that this game involves both stamina and agility, so ensure your body is properly prepared for the game ahead.

Start with a gentle jog or skipping to warm-up your body. Once your pulse is raised and body is feeling warmer, stretch the major muscle groups concentrating on legs, back and shoulders. This will prepare you for all the lunges ahead. Moreover, cross-train around your badminton. Focus on exercises that can provide you with good all-round knee strength, allowing your knees to cope with the impact during a fast paced badminton game.

Practicing correct grip on racket is very crucial. Small hands - Small grips and large hands - large grips. Make sure you have a relaxed grip. Having a flexible wrist will help with both your forehand and backhand shots. In the beginning, the proper badminton grips may feel uncomfortable and unnatural, but once practiced, it will pave the way for you to improve upon your skills and effectively executed techniques.

Bent your knees slightly with your feet shoulder width apart. Stay on the balls of your feet and hold your racket up in front of your body.

This is the ready position you shall assume in the center of the mid-court area. To be perfect in this skill is very important for you in order to become a good Badminton player. While it sounds like an easy concept, in fact it is one of the most difficult skills in badminton. Good footwork is simply having the ability to reach the shuttle as early as possible, while on balance. The earlier you can get to the shuttle, the more choices of shots you have and the more you can pressure your opponent.

This lovely game is quite a workout for the mind too, as it requires constant thinking and planning. So when starting out, the best way to develop these skills is to make sure every shot has a purpose and try to keep an eye on as much of the court as possible at all times.

Soon your strategy will fall into place. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Become an email marketing superhero. Simple and easy to use email marketing solution. Learn More at sendgrid. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Let me put the most important tip first. Ideally, you should break into a sweat before entering the court.

Not warming up properly can lead to serious injuries I learned it the hard way. Concentrate on the strokes. I have never attended professional coaching. My dad taught me how to play badminton when I was a kid.

He plays badminton for leisure like most Malaysians do. As a result, I did not learn my basics correctly and developed some bad habits. The basics that I highly recommend you learn are…. Basic Gripping Technique Learn how to hold your racket using the forehand and backhand grip. Basic Badminton Strokes Strokes are simply your swing action to hit the shuttle.

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Apr 08,  · How to Play Badminton Better. Whether you're playing singles or doubles, the short serve will catch your opponent off guard. He won't be expecting it, and may not be able to run up to return the serve in time. Video. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips. Communication is the key in doubles. 89%(). Latest Badminton Tips. These are tips based on my personal experience and observations over the years that I would like to share with you all. Would you like to share your knowledge about how to play badminton? When I became serious in badminton and started playing competitively, I found that there is no way to play professionally with bad habits/bad basics. In order to improve my game, I had to spend a lot of time getting rid of these bad habits and start playing badminton correctly; with the correct badminton basics.